How Grass Benefits the Environment

grass with water droplets on it

While homeowners appreciate the beauty of their turf grass, few recognize their environmental benefits. Grass is an important component of urban and rural lawns and landscapes. Natural turf grasses are sustainable and it can deliver multiple benefits artificial lawns can’t match. Here are some of the benefits of grass both for you and for the environment around you.

Purify and Improves Air Quality

Grass takes up carbon dioxide and releases oxygen like all living plants. It doesn’t only removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but it also traps dust to keep it out of both the air and your lungs. Grass is responsible for trapping 12 million tons of dust each year that would otherwise contaminate the air. Less dust blowing around means easier breathing. It also means cleaner cars, cleaner houses, and cleaner windows.

Improves Water Quality and Prevents Erosion

Soil and grass share a variety of benefits. The soil provides nutrients while the root system of grass provides stability for the soil. Grasses help reduce erosion caused by wind and rain – thanks to this root system. Grasses have a dense network of roots that help trap and remove pollutants from water as it moves through the soil. Compacted soil doesn’t allow water to sink into it. It means that groundwater resources don’t get replenished when it rains, and that can be a problem in areas that rely on precipitation for drinking water.

It Cools the Air

Grass naturally cools the surrounding environment. In fact, the grass on your lawn has the cooling effect of about 9 tons of air conditioning. It also provides cooler places for summer recreation than asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Grass Absorbs Sound and Reduces Noise Pollution

Grasses contribute to reductions in noise levels by absorbing and deflecting sounds. It acts like a blanket or insulation panel, absorbing sounds from people, cars, trucks, and animals. Grasses also reduce glare and light reflection.

As you can see, the grass has so many benefits when you take a look at it. Grass is not nature’s enemy, but rather her friend. A well-maintained and cared for lawn can help the environment and bring great benefits to the homeowner.

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