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Save $20 on Your First Lawn Treatment Service in Leander
Having a healthy, presentable, and well-manicured lawn can go a long way toward setting your home apart. The trouble is that getting your grass to that place isn’t easy to do on your own. With the pros at Just Right Lawns on your side though, you’ll finally have the yard that you’ve always wanted!
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're unsatisfied with your lawn service, contact the office within 24 hours of your appointment date and we’ll make sure that we make things right.

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Same-Day Lawn Service

We want to make our services as accessible as possible, so we happily offer same-day lawn service. Give us a call before noon and we'll service your home that day!

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Locally Owned & Operated

Just Right Lawns is proud to have served Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding communities for almost 20 years!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Just Right Lawns has always been reliable, responsive, and has shown nothing but professionalism. They are by far the best lawn service we have ever used!

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Lawn Services in Leander

A gorgeous, inviting lawn says a lot about the home that sits behind it but so few of us have the extra time to provide our grass with the care that it needs. When you find yourself wishing that your lawn looked better though, you don’t have to stretch yourself thin or sacrifice your precious free time. Instead, you can hire experienced and dependable experts at Just Right Lawns to give you the grass of your dreams. 

Our lawn services in Leander include:

  • Professional lawn mowing service that keeps your grass trimmed to its ideal height and looking its best year-round. 
  • Lawn clipping disbursement which prevents gas and heat buildup and deprives pests of a place to hide. 
  • Grass edging to keep new growth looking neat and tidy, even around patios, walkways, and lawn fixtures.
  • Weed control that proactively keeps aggressive and destructive plants away from your grass and flower beds. 
  • And so much more! 

Save $20 on your first mowing service

Get Started Today with our Same-Day Lawn Services

Waiting around for the professional lawn care that you need while your grass falls into further disrepair isn’t ideal for anyone. Here at Just Right Lawns though, we put our clients and their busy lives first, offering available same-day lawn service! Just give us a call before noon and a trained, experienced, and reliable lawn care technician will be heading your way in no time. 

Landscape Maintenance in Leander

Getting your yard to a healthy place is one thing, but keeping it that way is another challenge altogether. Feeling good about your outdoor spaces doesn’t need to be so hard though, at least not when you’ve got us in your corner. At Just Right Lawns, our landscape maintenance in Leander is exactly what you need if you want to keep your outdoor spaces looking their best all year. Our crews will bring years of experience into your yard, giving you the results that you deserve with services like:

  • Hedge and shrub trimming.
  • Flower bed cleanup.
  • Seasonal leaf removal. 
  • Professional mulching,
  • And lots more!

Finally Get the Lawn That You Deserve

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