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Catch up on all things lawn care! We post a variety of lawn-related tips and information on our blog to help you maintain the healthiest lawn possible—stay tuned.

snake in the grass

How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Yard

With the summer months approaching, it is important to protect your yard from snakes. Poisonous or not, snakes can be harmful to your pets and children, so follow these tips for keeping snakes from living in your yard.Read more
grass with water droplets on it

How Grass Benefits the Environment

While homeowners appreciate the beauty of their turf grass, few recognize their environmental benefits. Grass is an important component of urban and rural lawns and landscapes!Read more
high definition picture of mulch

When To Mulch in Texas

Mulch can be applied to garden beds and on top of the exposed soil to promote healthy plant growth and prevent weed growth. Learn more about when and how to best mulch your lawn!Read more
person pushing seeding machine in yard

How to Overseed a Lawn

Overseeding is a reseeding technique used to thicken lawns that have sparse ground coverage. Overseeding is recommended for lawns that were established using seed rather than sod. If your lawn has brown or dead patches, overseeding may not help because the issue may need to be fixed with proper watering or soil treatment.Read more
green grass blades

Best Grass for Lawns in Texas

Hot summers and mild winters make Texas a unique area for grass growth. The size of the state means that Texas residents can deal with a variety of different climates depending on where they're located. At Just Right Lawns, we are happy to provide insight on what grass might work best for your lawn!Read more