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Get $20 off Your Initial Lawn Service in Cibolo
Keeping your lawn well-maintained throughout the year can feel like a full time job, so let us take the stress and the work off your hands. You can trust the professionals here at Just Right lawns to take care of your yard and make sure that it stays looking fantastic despite heavy foot traffic or difficult weather.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're unsatisfied with your lawn service, contact the office within 24 hours of your appointment date and we’ll make sure that we make things right.

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Same-Day Lawn Service

We want to make our services as accessible as possible, so we happily offer same-day lawn service. Give us a call before noon and we'll service your home that day!

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Locally Owned & Operated

Just Right Lawns is proud to have served Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding communities for almost 20 years!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Just Right Lawns offers top-notch service. The crew was extremely meticulous with their work, and my lawn now looks pristine with fantastic curb appeal!

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Lawn Services in Cibolo

We are proud to offer professional lawn care services in Cibolo, which we know will satisfy all of your lawn care needs. If you feel like your lawn is in need of some care then give us a call and our experienced staff will be happy to give you a free estimate for all of the services that you require. Our lawn care technicians undergo continuous training to ensure that they can provide the expert care that your lawn needs. Further, our 24 hour guarantee for all of our services makes sure that you get the best lawn service possible. 

Signs your lawn needs help:

  • Dead or dying grass, or brown spots in your yard. 
  • Weeds sprouting throughout the lawn. 
  • Grass overgrowth onto sidewalks or driveways. 
  • Fallen leaves on the grass. 

Get in touch today for your free quote! 

$20 Off Your First Service if You Book Now 

Right now at Just Care Lawns we are offering $20 off your first lawn care service to all of our new clients. If you feel like you need a full service to get your lawn care started, or just a touch up we have the service for you. Our top-of-the-range mowers coupled with our well-trained staff means satisfaction guaranteed for all of our clients, and we think you should join us! 

Just Right Lawns Services:

  • Mowing - Cutting and cultivating your lawn to ensure healthy growth and strong greenery. 
  • Edging - Trimming those hard-to-reach places along driveways and walkways to prevent overgrowth and give your lawn a neat look. 
  • Leaf Blowing - Clearing your yard of all debris and fallen 
  • Lining - Specialized tools to access those hard-to-reach places which regular mowers can’t reach.

Landscape Maintenance Cibolo

Sadly, even the healthiest landscapes won’t take care of themselves. Everyone likes a healthy, vibrant yard but so few of us have the time in the day to get our yards to where we’d like them to be. If that describes you, the experts at Just Right Lawns are here to help out. Our landscape maintenance in Cibolo will provide you with the year-round help you need to keep your yard looking great. We’re here to set your outdoor spaces apart from the crowd and book your first service today!

Our landscape maintenance service in Cibolo includes:

  • Flower bed cleaning and maintenance to create an attractive growing space for your ornamentals.
  • Professional tree and shrub trimming, which keeps them looking neat and tidy all year. 
  • Leaf removal each fall and winter to maintain your lawn’s health.
  • Seasonal mulch applications as needed.
  • And more

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Professional Servicing Whenever You Need

Given our clients' busy schedules we know how important it is that any lawn service be timely. Our support staff are available during the week from 8-5 and have all of the answers and information you need to schedule your service. Once you are onto our biweekly calendar in a time slot that works for you, your service is locked in so you can be sure we will be there. We maintain flexible scheduling for all of our clients so if your needs change at any point just get in touch and we can be sure to assist you. 

Get $20 off now and a perfect lawn!

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